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We offer reading and math tutoring, & homework help, as well as fun activities such as video games, crafts, & a computer lab. We also have a gym for basketball, drumline, & dance

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We keep you informed about field trips, public events, Parrent meetings, program cancelations, and more with our event calendar so that you know when and where our next big event will be

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St. Joe Stixx Drumline

Our drumline is a dedicated group of young budding musicians who practice twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 pm. During these practice sessions, we work on perfecting our rhythms and beats, ensuring that we are in sync and playing with precision. Whether we are preparing for a performance or simply honing our skills, we always bring our best to these Tuesday and Thursday practices. So if you’re interested in joining our drumline, come check us out and see what we’re all about!

Tis Better To Give Than Receive

Please join us at River Bluff Brewery for the 15th annual’Tis Better To Give Than Receive’ event, this year providing for MCE. Dinner option provided by Big Daddy & Sons BBQ. All proceeds will go to MCE to allow them to provide for kids in our St. Joseph community and to help give the kids there a Merry Christmas!
Special thanks to all who are giving in this season! Toy and donation drop off is now through Dec. 7th 6-9pm! Click below to learn more! Blessings to you all!.

MCE Event Schedule

We are forming a 200-voice choir (youth, adults & seniors) to sing 4 gospel songs with Nationally-Reknown Gospel Artist Isaac Cates & Ordained. Come sing with us! There are two mandatory rehearsal dates: Sat., April 22nd, 12:15-5pm at Spratt Hall-MWSU and Sun., April 23rd, 2pm-4pm at MO THEATER Concert- Sun., April 23rd, 4pm at MO Theater
Optional practices at Potter Hall- Mondays April 3, 10, and 17, 7-8pm. Call MidCity Excellence Community Learning Center or St. Joseph Community Chorus for more info! MCE- Ask Isaura Garcia 816-273-5450 or Kimberly Warren 816-294-4727 or email us at by March 31st.

About MidCity Excellence

Located in the 54-block area of St. Joseph’s inner-city, MCE embraces students from 13 schools in an after-school enrichment, learning and performing arts academy. Families from 8 counties have participated in forums and community-wide events

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- Our Programs -


“St. Joe Stixx” Drums & Trash Can Band & MCE Co-Founder– Pastor Robert Warren, Jr., MS Ed


“Inspirational Angels” Praise Dance, Step & Creative Art Therapy with various instructors. 


Games & Computers

After School & Summer Academies engage students in creative STEAM learning.

Meet MCE's CEO

Kimberly Warren

After receiving a Psychology Bachelor’s degree (MWSU), and a Master’s in Education and Certification in Grant Writing (NWMSU), Ms. Warren and her spouse founded the MidCity Excellence Community Learning Center in 2001. It is a 501©3 non-profit mission on the former the historic campus of St. Peter-St. Paul cathedral, school campus, convent, and the Gov. Willard Hall Mansion all located on 20th & Messanie. While this 54-block inner city neighborhood has often been called a “slum and blighted area”, Kimberly and Pastor Warren see the possibilities as an endless “gold mine” and often say something “good comes from the ‘hood”! Mrs. Warren was instrumental in securing the 4 historic properties in which the center resides and clearing the mortgage in full within the first 13 months of business and ministry.

MidCity Moments

- Our Framework -

Educational & Career

Connecting with our maker, under-standing our mission and building rela-tionships with mentors is an inspiring MCE strategy to self-discovery of one’s gifts and purpose.

MCE uses the Multiple Intelligences teaching model to lead children into the discovery and understanding of how they were designed by their mak-er to contribute amazing things; to en-hance their self-worth, and to use their gifts to better their family, community, and world. Youth need to feel valued and obtain a sense of belonging as they fulfil their destiny. Some of the gifted areas are listed in the graphic.

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